Rote Straße – a picturesque setting jam-packed with creative variety

The history ... of the Rote Straße as a popular meeting point in the southernpart of Flensburg’s old town dates back a long way. Once part of the „Ochsenweg”, the famous ox path used by cattle drovers that extended from Denmark down to Altona (Hamburg), and right next to the „Südermarkt” (South Market), this was the gathering place for burghers, merchants and farmers. Here they did their trade and had a good chinwag while their horses were unharnessed and fed in the neighbouring yards.
This is where the goods were stored and the taverns filled with people celebrating their good deals, exchanging the latest news and gossip. This were also the days when the merchants’ and craftsmen’s yards that are typical of Flensburg’s old town came into being, with five spectaclarly pretty examples leading directly off from the Rote Straße.


Today ... this picturesque shopping lane is famous for its small and individual shops. It’s home to a unique blend of variety, crammed into a small and cosy space, unrivalled anywhere else in Flensburg: plenty of boutiques and shoe shops, unconventional accessoires for the home, extravagant design from Scandinavia and the whole world, fine wools, exclusive eyewear, a tremendous selection of brushes, everything to do with cycling and sport, kites and model planes, art, jewelry and galleries, and a wealth of tempting places to eat and drink, especially popular in the summer months.
Here you can experience a real glassblower or peek over the shoulder of an engraver while she’s at her work. Here’s home to the smell of freshly roasted coffee made directly on the premises, and at the rum museum you can experience and enjoy the beverage that made Flensburg famous.


Welcome to the Rote Straße!
By the way: the name „Rote Straße” doesn’t have anything to do with a red-light district – instead it originates from the German word „Rodung”, which means „forest, wood”. In days gone by, people passed through the „Rote Tor” (once the „Rudeporte”, or Forest Gate) at the end of the Rote Straße (Rudestraat) to venture out into the forest (Rude) beyond the town walls.

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